Навчальний план “Агроекологія / Управління агроекосистемами”

15 Квітня, 2014


8.04010601 ‘Environmental Science and Control’, Specialization – Agroecosystem Governance

The disciplines of the programme 8.04010601 ‘Environmental Science and Control’, Specialization – Agroecosystem Governance, will teach students to plan, develop and implement the effective solutions of environmental problems in various sectors of the national economy, especially of agriculture, as well as in the international context. They are aimed at teaching students, who will make decisions in various organizations, business structures and on the state level, to transfer the ecological knowledge into specific policy sectors and management strategies.

OSENU offer up-to-date inter- and multidisciplinary curricula for the study of the environment, patterns of the influence of agroecological factors on environmental state and agricultural production units, which require that students had skills to integrate theory and practice for implementation of systems analysis, holistic comprehension and management of key environmental problems in various social aspects.

Apart from the academic training, the students will develop research, communication, technological and other professional skills, get to know the European and global network of environmental institutions, and formulate tasks and strategies for career development.